Next Gen Health & Lifestyle Club

Live a short stroll from a premium health and lifestyle club providing holistic wellness, rejuvenation and relaxation. The planned Next Gen health & Lifestyle Club is anticipated to be completed in early 2021. The club is set to offer the latest fitness facilities including tennis courts, pools and dynamic classes to complete a healthy lifestyle.

The Stables

Set in a charming architectural landmark once known as the Elephant House, The Stales is planned to be your unique local neighbourhood provedore or café. A destination where residents can meet, eat and relax with family and friends amidst the beautiful grounds of Tullamore.


Parks and Playgrounds

Amidst the pocket parks, small woodlands and numerous trails, you will find Tullamore’s distinctive bike trails and playgrounds, purpose-built for different ages. Watch ‘the big kids’ thrive as they exercise their limbs and imaginations simultaneously. Each unique play space is a destination in itself, offering places to hide, seek, climb, swing, dig, bounce and more. Keep fit, picnic outdoors and enjoy family adventures at Tullamore. 

Smaller children will adore their more intimate playground. Surrounded by neighbourhood homes, it abounds with timber climbing equipment, bridges, stepping-stones and boardwalks. Soft-fall surfaces mean littlies can explore the various play equipment provided. Parents will enjoy the chance to sit down and catch up while the kids play nearby. 


An ideal space for toddlers.


A play space for little ones. 


A challenging playground for 'the big kids'.

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